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To register a new user you will need to supply us with your domain name or DSL username.

Once you have done this a verification code will be sent via SMS or email to the listed contact details we have on record for the account in question.

When you receive the verification code you can simply enter it and your new user will be activated.

If you have multiple accounts with us you will only need to create a single user. Once you have registered your user you will be able to link your other accounts to the same user for quick and easy management.

Please enter your user details below:

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A note on passwords:

Passwords with 9 characters or less are considered to be weak.

For passwords with 10 or more characters :

  • Passwords with at least 1 uppercase, 1 lowercase, 1 numeric and 1 special character are very strong.
  • Passwords with 2 or more of the above are considered to be strong.
  • Passwords with 1 of the above are considered to be good.
Your password should never be similar to your username.